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New Zealand is a gateway to medicinal plants with restorative, healing powers. For centuries, Māori have harnessed these plants to calm, protect and nourish the skin.
Kawakawa’s heart-shaped leaf has a mouth-numbing peppery bite, similar to Sichuan peppercorns. When the leaves are gently extracted, a soothing treatment for inflamed, irritated skin is formed.

Where is Kawakawa found?

Kawakawa is usually found in the North Island and top of the South Island of New Zealand. As it is a native New Zealand plant, kawakawa is only found in New Zealand. Kara harvests kawakawa leaves found in the remote, untouched landscapes of the Marlborough Sounds.

What are Kawakawa's benefits?

Anti-inflammatory: Kawakawa leaves contain myristicin – an active compound that stimulates cells to release nitric oxide. Cells release nitric oxide to help fight inflammation; myristicin boosts this effect.
Anti-inflammatories help soothe redness, pain, swelling and heat.
This can offer much-needed TLC to cracked, damaged, itchy and sore skin as well as painful joints and skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis.

Antimicrobial: Breaks in our skin like cuts, grazes, and burns are a one-way ticket for microbes to enter our bodies. Kawakawa contains compounds that naturally prevent the growth and spread of harmful microbes. As a result, it can help support the recovery of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, including acne, athlete’s foot, candidiasis (thrush), and ringworm.

Antispasmodic: Spontaneous muscle spasms and cramps are an unwelcome surprise – particularly at night. Kawakawa can help prevent and soothe cramps by increasing blood circulation and relaxing muscles. Rubbing Kara’s Kawakawa Healing Balm into troublesome areas like the calves and hamstring can help provide relief and allow sleep without rude interruptions.

You can read all about Kara Kawa’s harvesting and extraction process here.

Kara’s 5-star-rated Kawakawa Healing Balm is powered by plants for ultimate skin relief, check out Kawakawa Healing Balm Uses for more information about this balm.

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